Stretcher Lifts

Stretcher elevators can be preferred in terms of carrying capacity up to 1.600 Kg, 2.000 kg and 2.500 Kg, from 0.40 m / sec to 3 m / sec.
Usage areas are generally structures such as hospitals, health centers, health centers and nursing homes.
The size of the stretcher lift must be of a standard that can carry at least 1 stretcher and 1 companion. Stretcher elevator cabins should comply with hygiene rules in terms of health and antibacterial measures should be taken. The interior decoration of stretcher elevators, also known as patient elevators, is designed in stainless steel and the light level should be at a level that will not disturb the patient. Stretcher elevator cabin buttons are lower than other elevators and are wider than normal on doors. Necessary measures should be taken against power cuts.
Stretcher elevators can be preferred as semi-automatic, fully automatic or hydraulic.