Panaromik Asansör

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes panoramic elevators from other elevator models is that one or more of their walls are produced as glass.
In this way, it offers a visual pleasure. These glasses should be unbreakable or shatterproof when broken, protecting the safety of panoramic elevator users.
Generally, panoramic elevators are preferred more in business centers, shopping malls, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, big metro and train stations. It has various carrying capacities from 4 to 21 people.
Since the panoramic elevator is surrounded by glass, it provides a pleasant cruise to its users.
The fact that the person using the elevator can see the outside of the cabin while traveling is much more relaxing than the closed elevators and is peaceful for those who fear elevators.
Another feature of panoramic elevators is that they can be installed inside the building as well as outside the building. For this reason, it provides the advantage of use in the building.
Panoramic Elevator models, according to the condition of the building, round, square, triangle etc. it can be in different ways.