Automatic elevators provide simplicity and convenience in terms of use with their comfort and safety.

Today, construction companies prefer to use automatic elevators rather than semi-automatic elevators in their projects. In addition, they offer visual value to their projects and comfort to their users by using automatic elevators.

There are panels on the floor doors of the elevator and the elevator cabin door inside the elevator cabin that open to the left, right or centrally on both sides. These panels move automatically. When the elevator cabin reaches the wanted floor, the elevator doors open automatically, and the elevator doors automatically close before moving.

The person using the elevator presses the button to call the elevator from the floor he is on. When the elevator reaches the relevant floor, it automatically opens its doors. After the elevator user enters the elevator cabin, the doors of the elevator are closed automatically after a certain period of time. The user presses the button he wants to get down or exit. After a short while, the elevator moves automatically.